ole jake



my buddy jakE
will call me once in a while
or I’ll call him
and he’s always doing something
that I could never guess


once I called him
and he was doing undercover
investigating at an atheist
convention in california
for a theology professor from Texas

camera in the briefcase
type set up

and he’s tall
stands out in any crowd

I thought to myself:
“what is up with THIS guy?”
when I first saw him twenty something
years ago

undercover infiltrator

I pictured him in a
wig wearing awesome sunglasses...

the kind that have a camera pointed
at whomever you’re talking with

or he’s hiking in the mountains
with a witch doctor

or he’s taking three years to transcribe
a handwritten book in Irish
hen scratch by an author
from the 1700’s

or maybe he’s sitting at
C.S. Lewis’ actual writing desk

or working for a Vietnamese slum
lord named Nagasaki

or giving country music star,
cody canada an in depth
account of a bandana that was
on order…
(with photos)

so tonight when
I called him up
he asked me to guess
where he was

'I can’t.'

Camping in a tent outside of a
tent store waiting for it to

and I asked why
and was told that one guy in line
ALREADY won a tent

'but don’t you HAVE a tent? the
tent that you are in?’

‘ha, ha….yeah…but there are also discounts
on other stuff.’

‘other tent related stuff?’

of course jake’s camping outside
of a camping store
and I’m glad he is

out there gooning
around the galaxy
seeing what type
of wacky he can get
in the middle of

sleep well tonight, old friend
underneath the glow of the halogen
sprawled out on the sidewalk…
feet hanging out the tent door

get my something nice,
old boy

something campy...