end of an era

I got a new 27 inch iMac
for the Boohatch today

I haven't upgraded my computer since '08
and my Digital Performer program
I record with is almost as dated

it ran like a champ,
never left me high
or dry
and I can only recall
losing one song file...
but I think the
cosmos gobbled that one up

it was a cover anyway...

upgrading to Digital Performer 9
right now

I was dragging the empty cardboard
boxes outside
and in that time, 
my daughter took over the new machine

she wasn't on it five minutes...

and now as I'm trying to learn
my way around on it, 
I've missed two face time phone calls
from my daughter's friend

I'm standing here
with no shirt on
in my creepy basement
staring at the new screen
like an okie gomer...

I almost answered it...

googling how to
disable that little unit