sitting here listening to
the first new Great Divide track
in many moons

it's called Fall From the Top...
I wrote it with Austin Allsup
and my neighbor John

through the cosmos shining, 
or Skinner upstairs kicking out the jams...
I landed the soundtrack to an upcoming film
called The Scent of Rain of Lightning

this month, I get to see some scenes
and write more songs for it

I read the script and the first thing that
came to mind was Fall From The Top...
it is weirdly perfect for it
and an excellent reason to
'get the band back together'.

cut a song last night by and with
Justin Condict, with Taylor Reed on bass
and drums
called 'Speak of the Devil'....

this saturday night
I'll be joining the Great Divide in
Brownwood, TX at Ray and Waylon's Place...

then it's right back in the studio
with my face to grindstone....