hip hip

just got in from

just North of there, 
in Tomball

played with Cody
for two nights and had a blast

always reminds me of a hundred
things I have filed away in the back
of my head

and now
my oldest daughter is
cheerleading tonight at the
ada football game

I still feel like
walking around under the bleachers,
looking for coins
or footballs
when I go to a football game

but I'll go
and sit in the stands

bad enough
I'm in the rape van...

once when marleigh was younger, 
she wanted to walk from school  
to the church with a  couple of
her friends...

mom said no. 
I said, 'it's o.k. I'll just circle around
the block and keep an eye on them."

not a cool move
in a white cargo van
with no side windows

I circled the block a few times
always staying
about three blocks away
from my child and her friends

circling this one kid
who was about three blocks away
from marleigh

he kept getting more anxious
and nervous each time I swerved
back around

slumped down in the seat
like an orangatan at the wheel

he's probably seen pictures
of this very circumstance

once I realized it, 
I sped off

like that was the smartest thing to do

dad goes to football game
waves at daughter